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Australians and Americans United for Life

Yesterday we visited our nation’s Capital and walked past many of its famous sites. What had the most meaning for me was our visit to the Australian United states war memorial.

The memorial remembers the Australian and American soldiers who have died fighting side by side in wars against tyranny, terror and injustice. In Australia’s hour of need, after it was abandoned by the mother country, America was there. The United states were prepared to sacrifice the blood of their own sons to defend Australian shores. Australians will never forget what America did for us and I can assure you that to this day America has no greater friend or Ally.

Fortunately the advent of crossroads Australia shows that the alliance between the Aussie and American Pro Life communities is equally as strong. There was no reason that crossroads HAD to come out to Australia. They could have spent their time and resources on their own country but the point is they didn’t. Like the Marines before them they have come out to save Australian lives. recognising that abortion is a global evil not confined to one nations borders.

Just like Australia will always be a fiend to America, so will Pro life Australians also be friends with our Pro life counterparts in the United states. We will always stand ready to assist in any way possible to fight abortion no matter what the earthly jurisdiction.

God Bless America
God Bless Australia

And many both nations eventually truly be lands of the free for all human beings no matter how old they are.

Lest we Forget