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Walker Profiles


Age: 22
From: Melbourne, NSW

I heard about Crossroads through the Thomas More Centre. I am doing Crossroads because Australia needs see that the Pro Life movement is alive and well. In 2008 I saw the worst abortion laws in the world, apart from China, introduced in my home state of Victoria and since then I have done everything in my power to get those laws repealed. Crossroads is a powerful way for me to be a witness to the evil of abortion and to spread the pro-life message.


Age: 23 years old

I am walking Crossroads because I want to pass on the passion I have for the respect of the human race and dignity it holds. I believe that the life of the unborn is as precious as those born and I want to help save and protect the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters. I trust in God that His providence will endure in the end.


Age: 21 years old

I am walking this summer in order to be a witness to life and to show that life is precious and worth fighting for. My sister-in-law had to boys born prematurely (one at 25 weeks and another at 20 weeks) who both died. The first lived to 29 weeks and the second survived for a precious hour. She now has 3 children, the second of which was born at 31 weeks and is a beautiful and healthy boy. So I am walking to give witness to life and especially to let people know that unborn babies are our brothers and sisters.


Age: 18 years old

I am walking with Crossroads to help make a difference in ending abortion and to promote a Culture of Life. I believe that through walking this summer, I can influence each person I come into contact with to broaden their understanding of what abortion really is and how they can get involved in defending all human life. This walk will also help me to become stronger in my faith and to be more active in standing up for all of the teachings of the Catholic Church.