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Walking into 2013

Over the weekend leading up to New Year’s Day, some extremely generous parishioners of St Peter’s, Surry Hills in Sydney hosted us. I had the honour of speaking at Masses at St Mary’s Cathedral in the city – probably the most beautiful church I have ever been in. I was slightly overwhelmed walking up the steps to the entrance door and gazing up at the gargantuan spires that seemed to disappear into the heavens. Although I had given the Crossroads talk about five times already, this was easily the most nervous I had been about speaking at a Mass. The overwhelming beauty of the Cathedral reminded me once again that its more the Holy Spirit at work when we get up and tell people about what we’re doing; I didn’t have to worry about screwing up my talk because I knew, and I still know, that God wants this mission accomplished and so in my surrender to Him, He will do His thing through me! What a privilege.

I soon discovered that our New Year’s Day plans involved watching the famous Sydney fireworks, but when we caught a train and walked a couple of k’s into the middle of the bush to emerge onto a little cliff that had the second-best view of the spectacle, I knew it was going to be a New Year’s eve to remember. The little cliff somehow ended up holding about 74 people – all packed like sardines – without collapsing, or anyone falling off the edge. If you ask me, I reckon that was because we had the prayers of Fr Bill on the premises with us. There were two lots of fireworks, and they did not disappoint. They went for about ten minutes each and even included explosions of Aussie animal shapes.

After a trek back to the train station with no shoes because my sock-covered feet got wet in some spilled water (or possibly some other beverage?) I was happy to jump into bed at about 2:30am knowing that there would be a long walk ahead in Sydney the following day.

Love and prayers,