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December 12

Crossroads Wed 12th December


Scarborough, Brisbane

Angela Schumann


I flew up here yesterday from Melbourne, and all went well. I thought I’d be spending the day lugging my enormous (guilty as charged!) suitcase on and off trains, trams and airport buses. Thankfully, however, my Dad gave me a lift to the office, and then one of the guys, Chris, gave me a lift to the airport. Much obliged!


The flight went well. If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to fall asleep anywhere and at any time, and so I utilised this skill on the plane.


Allison was at the airport to pick me up, for which I am grateful, as I’ve never been to Brisbane before and would have been totally lost. Allison and I hit it off (or at least I think so- for all I know she may be under her bed right now on Skype demanding to be flown back to America!). For the next few nights, until we leave Brisbane on Monday morning, Allison, myself and Frances will be staying in an apartment of Allison’s friend in Scarborough, which they have been very generous in letting us use, and the guys will be staying in another house.


There’s no internet in the apartment, which means I’m not sure when I’ll be able to send this to anybody; no doubt all of Melbourne will be writhing in anticipation to read my blog- move over Frodo.


From what I’ve seen of it, which includes the airport, the freeway, the apartment and the McDonalds down the street that didn’t have internet last night, I love Brisbane. It’s full of palm trees and beautiful heat and I haven’t seen a single bug yet, (my natural enemies), except for the two dead flies in Allison’s home-made fly catcher, with which I can totally deal.


Today Daniel and John will arrive in the bus and we’ll all meet at the NET offices, I think. We’ll pick up the RV, do some supply-shopping, and fetch Andrew, James and Frances from the airport.